Women's Day Celebration

Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir celebrated women's day in a useful manner.Pa.Pu.Nikam Guruji used to say,' Woman is backbone of family." In today's world , woman have to face stress,depression,harmonal imbalance , PCOS, and so many other problems when she face challenges to complete her ambitions,and giving scope to her talent.

Learned and Experienced Teachers of Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir -Mrs Lalita Dixit and Mrs Seema Vaidya guided to women on how to tackle these issues keeping physical and mental balance of erself and her family.Teachers explained the importance of Yoga to handle such issues.They also guided how women can manage to do Yoga in their busy schedule.

Experienced Teacher Mrs.Alka Tapadia asked all the related questions to our teachers which arose in minds of women while attending session and it ended with practical  of Yogasana

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