Preliminary Yoga Course

The Basic Preliminary Yog Course of total 12 weeks duration, each session is of 2 hours Duration once in a week. This basic course contents : Internal Cleansing Practices called  Shatkarmas viz. 

Jal dhouti, Jal Neti, Kapalbhati, Nouli, Basti, Tratak. Nouli and Basti practices are difficult for the beginner  to get the benefit of these kriyas “shankhaprakshalan” to recommended

Along with Kapalabhati few more breathing techniques viz. Ujjayi, Sheetali, Sitkari, Vayusar are included

The Yog asanas contentes : Asanas are devided into two parts : Dhyanatmak and Vyayanatmak

Surya Namaskar , Asanas on the Back, on Stomach, Sitting and Standing postures are advised as per sadhakas ability
In addition to the abovementioned yogic practices necessary for Physical Body (Sthula Sharira)

Pranakarshan,(Breath awareness) Prarthana ( Prayer), Gayatri Mantra Omkar chanting,  Trataka and Shavasana are included in the program. For Psychosomatic problems

Separate batches are for different disease such as Back Pain,  Asthma, blood pressure, Digestive disorder, Migrain, Common cold cynuses etc.

Annually about 30,000 Ladies and Gents take benefit of this course.90% of the participants for this course have some ailment or other. After successful completion of the basic course a certificate is awarded to the Sadhaka (Yoga aspirant).
After the Preliminary Course the sadhakas who intend to pursue further yogic practices are guided through Repeater Course, Demonstrator’s course and are made eligible for further Pranayama CourseWhich is conducted at Thane HQ.


There are separate batches  conducted for Heart patients on Saturday evening and Sunday Morning at Shri Ambika yog Kutir, Thane Only.

Stress Management Program for Corporate Executives: Employees of companies Police, Security guards, Army Naval  forces are organized