Long duration Course - Yoga Instructor - Level 1

Long duration Course for Yoga Instructor (Level 1). A 24 session course for Yoga Instructors covering detailed studies of important Yoga texts and practices with practical's.

The Syllabus will be always as per QCI guidelines to the students. SAYK does not take any fees for teaching yoga, however it is necessary for a sadhak to join and complete the basic 3 month training course (Trimasik Abhyas), repeat the course and give Seva (voluntary service) at the SAYK or its braches as mentioned in the eligibility criteria.


           1..Age Limit 19 years and Above

           2. Educational & Eligibility Requirements:

                     i) S.S.C. OR H.S.C.

                     II) Should have completed Short Duration Course ( Traimasik)-Basic Yoga Course and repeat the
                         same at SAYK.

                     III) Seva at SAYK

           3. Documents : i) If any sickness is there at the time of admission,submission of clinical reports are                                                             necessary.  

                                        ii) SAYK authorities may deny admission if sickness is major and may ask to repeat                                                               Traimasik Course till cure and then join the Yoga Instructor Course-Level 1.


Note : An aspirant will not be allowed to appear for examination unless he/she has attendence more than 80%

See Course Syllabus