Shree Nikam Guruji Golden Jubilee Celebrations

“Nayam atma Balaheenena Labhya” - Upanishad.
A weak body & mind cannot experience the spiritual manifestation of God

Rev. Nikam Guruji devised a very useful program based on ‘Hathayoga’ for householder, taught it to lakhs of people free of charge, prepared a cadre of trained Yoga teachers and guided them to serve the suffering masses selflessly through Yoga. He Founded “Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir, Thane” in the year 1965 and pursued his noble work through the Institute.

What they say:
  • I was troubled due to Kidney Stones when I resided at Kudal in 2005. I used to experience extreme pain. Someone told me then that drinking beer helps to eject the stones, so I started drinking. Therea...
  • I first joined the Bandra National Library branch in 2000. Initially, I was merely curious about Yoga. But as I studied more, my interest grew. The teachers were good too. I felt lighter due to the Sh...